ISHA Jena is the local section of ISHA, the International Students of History Association, at Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Germany.

Founded in 1989/90, ISHA is an international, independent student organisation. Our aim is to make it easier for students from different parts of Europe and the world to meet each other, discuss history and related sciences, explore foreign countries, and in doing so, form new friendships and broaden their academic and personal horizons.

Membership in ISHA is open for students from all disciplines and backgrounds with an interest in history. As an organisation, it has academic and social motivations, and is best understood by participating in one of the several events that ISHA offers during each academic year. There are various weeklong seminars and a large conference, covering a multitude of topics and taking place in many different countries.

On this website, you will find information about ISHA and ISHA Jena, especially regarding news and our recent activities. Curious?
Come meet us at the regular’s table or contact us: isha@uni-jena.de

Upcoming events
Stammtisch im Juni 2016 ~ regular’s table in June 2016
Mi, 15. Juni um 20 Uhr
Café Immergrün (Jenergasse 6, Jena)

Follow us
We’re looking forward to see you!

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