About ISHA

The International Students of History Association (ISHA) is an international network of students of history and related sciences. ISHA is an independent organisation run entirely by its members, students from more than a dozen (mostly Europealogo_jena_grn) countries.

Currently, we have local sections in almost every part of Europe – from Ireland to Italy, from Finland to Cyprus, and from the Netherlands to Serbia. In Germany, there are sections in Berlin, Heidelberg, Marburg and — Jena.

ISHA was founded in 1989/90 to promote mutual cooperation and better understanding among young undergraduates of history and related sciences. At the core of ISHA’s activities are international events, seminars and conferences, in which students from different countries can meet and not only discuss history, but also find new friends and, in general, broaden their horizons in an equally academic and  more informal environment.

ISHA events are organised by the local sections, which means that there is always an opportunity to visit new places and countries without spending too much money. The programme of these events usually consists of lectures and workshops on various aspects of history, and there is an additional cultural and evening programme offered as well — all providing for unique insight, experiences, and lots of fun!

Apart from this, ISHA offers all students the rare opportunity to publish their own articles in a yearly, internationally available publication, Carnival, the journal of the International Students of History Association.