[Exkursion] Andreasstraße 2017


Back from the excursion ~ Dankeschön/ Thank you
[english version only]

Today, it was the 17th June 2017 and the 64th anniversary of the Uprising. The Uprising of 1953 in East Germany turned into a widespread uprising against the German Democratic Republic government. In Germany, the revolt is often called People’s Uprising in East Germany (Volksaufstand in der DDR).


Today, ISHA Jena and several international students went on a very special excursion to the Memorial and Education Center “Andreasstraße” in Erfurt. It commemorates the oppression and resistance exerted in Thuringia 1949 to 1989. The building was formerly a remand prison run by the East German Ministry of State Security (Stasi). Over 5.000 people were held there by the authorities for daring to oppose the Communist regime.
After we arrived at Erfurt and got to know each other, we took part in an English-speaking guided tour. Carried out by the director of Andreasstraße, we had a look around the entire complex for about 2 hours. The focus was on 17th June 1953 and the important role of Andreasstraße in the GDR as well as during the Peaceful Revolution 1989/90.
The participants were particularly impressed by the former prisoners’ tract where one can see the former cells and hear about individual stories of former prisoners. In The Comic Room, it was all about the life in the GDR and “Sag mir wo du stehst” – “Tell me which side you are on” and what option or consequences several individual might have to face back then. At the end, we went outside and could have a walk around the cubus of Peaceful Revolution which is a unique piece of modern art today.
This intensive and dialogical tour gave us a deep insight into the history and design of Andreasstraße. Since we were interested to compare the German History and Remembrance to other countries, we were especially happy to have many international students with us!
Our small group learned a lot at Andreasstraße. We thank you for your interest and hope to see you again anytime soon