“I Am Many” – Images and Identities in Europe

Do you agree? “I am glad to be a European.”

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This workshop will focus on various ways and levels of identification in Europe. We want to discuss the impact of identities on the individual, on life in societies, and on European politics.

To find a working definition for “identity” we will at first ask ourselves the same question as the philosopher R.D. Precht did: “Who am I – and if so, how many?” We want to understand how identities develop over the lifespan and how this is influenced by social factors. For example, we can have a look at the minorities in Europe and in which ways their special identities are built.

This leads to the second part of the workshop, where we want to examine the consequences of having different national identities within Europe. Here it is interesting to consider psychological theories about social identity, prejudice and stereotypes. How would an Austrian describe himself when compared with a German? And how would he do so when compared with a Hungarian or Pole? What role do national and ethnic identities play in European conflicts?  

For the last part of the workshop, we want to concentrate on a superordinate European identity. In face of current political trends in Europe, it seems quite interesting to reflect on possibilities and consequences that are related to the development of a superordinate European identity, like the one implicated by the vision of the “United States of Europe”.

A lot of possibilities and even more question marks – we invite you to share your ideas with us. We are looking forward for your participation!

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