Intercultural Exchange, Globalization and Identity

This workshop will ask what influence intercultural encounters may have on one’s identity. Such encounters may range from international work camps, volunteer services and student exchange programmes to politics and trade, travel, art, and much more. We will look at factors that influence the formation of both identity and personality (and will debate whether these are distinct terms or not), analyzing the impact of periods spent abroad, in close contact with other traditions and cultures, upon one’s perceptions and own way of living. Participants in this workshop are encouraged to present examples from their own experiences with intercultural exchange, and are invited to discuss both the chances and risks that may lie in overstepping various kinds of borders.

The second focus of the workshop, globalization, is closely intertwined with all the above-mentioned facets of intercultural exchange and cultural relations. We will search for links and dead ends, trying to evaluate “identity” in the light of globalization phenomena, and searching for possible connections between the global and the personal. Possible questions could address the benefits and dangers of a world “growing closer together”, of being able to travel to almost every corner of the planet within a short period of time, and what this means for each one of us – including the differences and inequities in our part of the world and others.

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